Black Sea Dragons

Black Sea Dragons Dragon Boat Club was established in 2019 after an amalgamation of two separate Dragon Boat clubs: Adelaide Sea Dragons and Black Dragons.

Currently competing in their first season as a new team, the Black Sea Dragons are already showing signs of a promising future, with strong paddling ethics and an even stronger crew.

Both clubs share rich histories in South Australia’s Dragon Boating community.

Between them, Black Dragons and Adelaide Sea Dragons have over 34 years of paddling experience, with some team-members having been around since the inception of Adelaide’s Dragon Boat Community, back in 1985.

While united now, both clubs have seen considerable success over the years, with Black Dragons’ and Adelaide Sea Dragons’ team-members competing at state, national and international levels, including multiple Australian Championships, International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) World Club Crew Championships (including South Africa, Canada, Malaysia, China & Thailand) and World Championships (including China and USA).

Black Sea Dragons boasts a number of members who have made the Australian Team (Auroras), and look forward to seeing this spirit of competitiveness continue as the future of the club is shaped.

Here’s to a promising future for the Black Sea Dragons!